L'environnement - Les gîtes du Serre de Pomaret

The environment

1 - on site

You can walk along the creek or to venture back in with water shoes, above ground swimming pool is situated in the farmhouse , the river is 500 meters.


2 - The donkey and the pony

The donkey and the pony live close to  the houses . They are not saddled and are very friendly to any newcomers who come to their pens.

3 - The access to the river

Access to the river is via small paths. The water is soft and fresh , and the rocks can be a little slippery at times. There are two or three points for swimming no more than a mile from the house . In the river are wild brown trout. They see you before being seen and hide in the holes of the rocks in the depths of the water.    

4 - Music

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5 - Hiking trails

Numerous old trails and paths enable you to walk from the valleys to the mountain peaks and we are happy to give you guidance on these.

For example, the trail Lique ser takes about 5 hours over 11.7 km. From its starting place in Saint André de Valborgne , you discover a landscape shaped by shale of the Corniche des Cevennes, terraced crops, water management, the castle of Nogaret, the forest house Rougeiresque . The trail rises from St-André de Valborgne to the Corniche des Cevennes, the ridge that separates the Gard Lozère and the Borgne Valley. You see Mont Aigoual to one side  and Mont Lozère to the other. The route also passes through a dense and varied forest.    

6 - From Mont Aigoual to the bambouseraie

For example the museum of the Cévenoles valleys in Saint Jean du Gard, the Desert Museum in Générargues, the silk museum in Saint Hippolyte du Fort all give a glimpse into the history of the area.

At the entrance of the village, ten shale totems of the craftsman Jean-Pierre Boyer represent the characters in the story Camisard.

A visit to Mt Aigoual is a must. This is a highlight of the Cévennes with a beautiful view where you can sometimes see the sea. Hike the 4,000 steps from Valleraugue to reach the observatory. In winter, three-quarters of an hour away from the cottages, you can enjoy the Prapeirot ski resort with cross country skiing trails, downhill skiing and tobogganing.

The Bambouserie is one of Europe’s largest bamboo forests. It has featured in films such as The Salary of Fear and Paul and Virginia. It includes features such as the Japanese garden, the Laotian village, the Victorian greenhouses and a flower garden.    

7 - The village of Saint André de Valborgne

The village of Saint André de Valborgne is beautiful, with its two bridges that cross the river, and square organized around the Romanesque church, which has recently been renovated. In the village, you will find a bakery, a butcher and a general grocer, as well as cafes and restaurants. These are open all year-round and offer quality products. 

7 - Market days

Market days are highly popular among tourists. The Saint Jean du Gard, Tuesday morning is renowned. The difficulty is to park if you arrive after ten hours. That of Florac on Thursday morning was very charming too. There we find local products, handicrafts , clothing , jewelry ... All exhibitors are not resellers, some create original productions you will not find anywhere else. Smaller the little market on Sunday morning at Saint André will allow you to taste the fresh and processed products from local producers. The night markets Tuesday and Thursday are famous too.

8 - Unesco

We are part since June 2011 Unesco heritage . It is a recognition based on the work of man over nature and activity of agro- pastoralism. We are located on the outskirts of the National Park that values ​​cultural and natural heritage . The Saint André de Valborgne tourist office will give you information about the activities offered by the park such as the Nature Festival through which one can discover the bearded vulture bone eater , fossil plants, arborisculptures , vigils tales of by birds , beech forests ...