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The valley (5)

There is no hibernation or sudden stop things . The pace of life is not disturbed by the cold weather , we are on the Mediterranean side in the valley, the snow does not attach more than two or three days per year if the appointment . For summer vacationers, winter is still mysterious and the question recurs, the better, for very curious is to come and see
They are versatile and often practice multiple activities , agro-tourism is one example . There is no industry or big business , but the craft grows , small nursing homes or CAT can be a source of employment , service activities are developing
Valley of bornis bornis Valley of sources. It is at the foot of Mount Aigoual and our valley is rich in groundwater. It is a soft and pleasant water free of limestone.
Béatrice à l’office de tourisme fait passer toutes les infos.
Le vallon du villaret. De chez nous on passe par Florac, le Pont de Montvert, le Mont Lozère, Bagnols les Bains. La route est magnifique. Le parc est selon leurs propres mots une mise en scène de la nature avec des animations artistiques.